Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Details Surface Online

Suicide Squad NDA

New details of Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League have been revealed on Reddit, with the details being ‘verified’ by the subreddits moderators.

Uploaded to the /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, the new Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League details reveal the game’s price, editions, and details. Whilst typically such posts would be considered just a rumor, one of the subreddit moderators has given the post a “legit” tag and has verified the user’s claims.

According to the leak, an internal ‘not final’ trailer of the game was shown at a trade show, revealing that two versions of the game will be released. The Deluxe Edition will apparently cost £99.99 and will grant players access to the game three days before the official release, in addition, players will also get battle pass points and extra costumes. The Day One edition on the other hand will cost £69.99 and grant players extra costumes.

Details on the game itself include:

  • Real-time weather (stated in the behind-the-scenes trailer)
  • Day/Night cycle (stated in the behind-the-scenes trailer)
  • Metropolis is twice the size of Gotham in Arkham Night.
  • Rocksteady is working on 1 year of extra content – new characters and missions were mentioned
  • They state clearly you can play the game co-op online or play it all solo and switch between the 4 different characters.
  • The trailer makes a point that the players should play HOW they want to. Makes a point that each character has distinct traversal and distinct combat. Deadshot is gunplay the others are more melee-focused.
  • Have no details on microtransactions or XP or anything games as a service.

At the time of writing, Insider Gaming could not independently verify the leak details.

Earlier this year, the game was pushed back to a 2024 release.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is scheduled to release for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S on 2 February 2024.

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  1. Why couldn’t we get a Batman Beyond game with the voice cast returning? Kevin was still alive then and bringing Kyle Higgins and Bruce Timm to supervise would have been such a great move, instead we get a game where the JLA are murdered by the Suicide Squad except Wonder Woman also this is Kevin’s final role.. great decision killing his Batman. How is Superman under this type of brainwashing from Brainiac but not Wonder Woman? So stupid! The Suicide Squad should not be able to kill the JLA they’re C level villains they’re not that powerful. So stupid.

  2. Whoever at WB made the decision to make this garbage game, Gotham Knights, and skip Injustice 3 should be fired! Why can’t we get a Nightwing open world game or Batman Beyond? Red Dead Redemption was a massive hit make a Jonah Hex game, Green Arrow, the cancelled Wally West Flash game had promise, instead it takes these studios 9 years to make games and most hate DC. Ed Boon outright hates DC and so does the rest of NRS just license games instead of letting these studios continue like this. DC needs a win right now desperately.

  3. Rocksteady should be shut down after this then and WB Montreal either that or sell them off to whoever will have them. I wish DC licenses can go somewhere else since these studios hate the franchise and know nothing about them. Would love to see Insomniac and Sucker Punch take the licenses.

  4. This game should have been cancelled. The people who approved this should be fired. Why make this over a Batman open world game? A Batman Beyond game. Arkham Knight was bad story wise but this is awful.

  5. DC has been taking L’s for too long. The shows, movies, animation, now the games. Gotham Knights was a flop, now this, how long until the WW game? If that flops too what do they have? They’re killing they’re brand with all these bad decisions. Kevin Conroy being gone hurts, a tarnished brand is worse, and people who don’t understand the brand or read comics. The studios outright hate DC just ask them there’s a reason why Ed Boon cancelled Injustice 3 he hates DC and is not making another Injustice unlike the other studios he has options they don’t.

  6. This game will be a flop, Gotham Knights was a flop, Injustice 2 was trash, and Arkham Knight has a horrible story you can tell the studios don’t like or understand DC at all. Ed Boon cancelled Injustice 3 for MK because he hates DC it makes no sense why make MK if you might be sold off? MK remains at WB, why throw the company under the bus blaming them for the cancellation, if it was he wouldn’t say anything like how he covered up micro transactions saying it was his idea for MK. Injustice 2 came out 2017 and if they make a new one it won’t come out until 2027 or later that’s a 10 year wait no one will care or have interest. People are tired of the evil Superman too which makes no sense having a the traditional upbringing but he’s this evil if he didn’t have his Smallville upbringing it would justify him being evil. Lois died in other universes but Clark never crossed these lines. Ed said 7 years between MK games would hurt it and that he he cancelled Injustice but might go back to Injustice but injustice has a 10 year or more wait even more damage done and Kevin Conroy’s death and DC’s downfall partially in fault to Ed Boon who should be fired for his trolling and lying. Ed is a PR nightmare!

  7. DC games are trash. Why not cancel these trash games? Give Rockstar the license to make a Batman game watch how well that sells.

  8. Horrible game. Everyone here should be fired WB Games has been on a downward spiral for too long! Arkham Knight bad, Injustice 2 bad, Gotham Knights awful, this! MK 11 was not good and 1 had that awful story. All they had was Hogwarts.

  9. Why can’t DC make any good games. Marvel is kicking their ass. Ed Boon even said he wants to make a Marvel game he hates DC! When your own people say this you know you need better studios.

  10. The WB Montreal Suicide Squad game should have been made instead at least then it made sense unlike this. Harley ruins the Squad. Just use the OG’s the white aka real Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Captain Boomerang.

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