Nintendo’s ‘Emio’ Has Been Rated ‘M’ in Australia 

Yesterday, Nintendo unveiled a chilling cinematic trailer for their upcoming horror game, Emio, sparking widespread curiosity about the title. While details surrounding the game’s storyline remain shrouded in mystery, fresh information has emerged, offering a glimpse into the game’s nature, courtesy of Emio’s rating in Australia.

Emio has received an M rating from ESRB in America, a standard rating for games with mature content, such as strong language, intense violence, and sexual themes. This aligns with the horror nature of Emio but doesn’t provide any specific information.

On the other hand, Australian ratings are more detailed, informing players why such a rating has been provided. Emio has received an MA 15+ rating in Australia due to “Strong themes, violence and suicide references”. Moreover, it has been restricted for players younger than the age of 13 due to “violence, cruelty, domestic abuse & suicide themes”. 

The trailer for Emio is a surprising departure from Nintendo’s usual family-friendly content. The inclusion of violence, suicide, and other mature themes has sparked players’ curiosity about what Nintendo is planning. Also, The fact that Emio has already been rated in Australia has led to exciting speculation that a 2024 release might be on the cards, and the Halloween season seems like the perfect window. 

In other news, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Home is free to claim for Nintendo Switch Online users for a limited time. Also, the company has stopped offering repairs for the Wii U. What do you think about Emio’s Australian Rating? Let us know in the comments.