Someone Has Got The Original Doom Running in Fortnite

A new platform has been added to the list of things that can run Doom, which is not as surprising as the others. A developer has posted the original Doom running on Unreal Editor for Fortnite, and you can check out the clip below. 

The Original Doom running on Fortnite is a unique and intriguing feat. The most fascinating aspect is the addition of build mechanics to the player character, offering a fresh perspective on the game. The ability to ‘crank 90s’ in Doom is a feature that was never imagined. The creator, Jackson Clayton, shared that while he can’t officially publish this, the process of getting Doom to run on Fortnite was a valuable learning experience about Material and Post Processing. 

Through an interview with Kotaku, Clayton detailed how he got Doom running on Fortnite. He stated that the first thing he did was export the E1M1 files as a 3D model from Ultimate Doom Builder and ported that into Fortnite’s UEFN. Then Clayton removed “Unreal’s fancy effects” to make the game feel like it was running in Fortnite. Additionally, Clayton used Unreal’s material system to provide a choppy spinning effect for the Doom Marine and the Post Process material to add pixelation. 

Clayton’s journey of getting Doom to run on Fortnite was not without its challenges. He found the UEFN to be advanced, requiring him to ‘get creative’ with the process. His experience in creating other Doom-like games in the past was a significant advantage, making this process easier.

In other news, Doom: The Dark Ages was officially revealed during this year’s Xbox Showcase; check out whether the game will be playable on the PlayStation 5. What did you think about Doom running on Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.