Fallout: London Will Downgrade Your Version of Fallout 4 Before It Runs

fallout london

Fallout: London is due to be released any day now, with GOG – the platform that’s going to host the super-sized mod – running through QA checks as we speak. Months ago, when Bethesda Game Studios revealed the release date for the Fallout 4 next-gen update, the team working on Fallout: London announced an indefinite postponement of the highly anticipated mod, citing the unpredictability of the upgrade and the inevitable failure of mods as the reason for the delay.

Now, a monumental effort has made Fallout: London ready for release, but there’s a huge catch – to play it, you’ll need to downgrade your version of Fallout 4.

Bye, Bye Upgrade

Fallout 4’s next-gen update wasn’t everything that fans were hoping for. It’s fair to say it was a sizeable disappointment, and it didn’t change the face of the almost ten-year-old game like many expected it would. It threw mods into disarray, with creators scrambling to update their files to align with the upgraded version of Fallout 4 – and it also caused Fallout: London to be postponed by several weeks.

It has been explained by the Fallout: London team that when you install the mod, you’ll also be installing a ‘downgrader’, which will take your version of Fallout 4 and roll it back to a stable version before the next-gen update dropped. That means that you’ll lose some of the key benefits offered by the upgrade in exchange for being able to play Fallout: London.

Per the team, this is necessary because the upgraded version of Fallout 4 simply ‘isn’t stable’, and if the team has to wait around for it to be ‘fixed’ by Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout: London might never be released.

It’s an awkward blow, but it does mean that Fallout: London can ship as intended through GOG, rather than being cancelled entirely and having years of development efforts written off.

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