GAME Reportedly Ending In-Store Pre-Orders in August 2024

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As first spotted by TechRadar, an internal staff memo at UK retailer GAME reportedly revealed the company will end in-store pre-orders soon.

The report adds that the staff memo mentions this move is due to “part of the continued integration into Frasers Group.” The changes will go into effect on August 1, 2024.

This information was also corroborated by EuroGamer, which reported direct contact with GAME staff. A staff member further stated that “going forward the tills will only be able to sell and return products.”

game store

Late last June, GAME only just denied reports that it will stop selling games and hardware. At that time, representatives stated that GAME would “continue to support the physical gaming market.”

The new memo does clarify that GAME customers can still order online for home delivery, “or purchase in store once released.”

Also, existing deposits and pre-orders for releases through January 31, 2025, will still be honored. For anything with a release date after that time, GAME is offering a pre-order refund for deposits.

This would mark another step in GAME winding down, after ending its GAME Reward card scheme in early June 2024. TechRadar’s new report adds that further instructions for staff about in-store marketing displays are coming.

GAME has not issued an official statement regarding the memo at this time.

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