Embracer COO Egil Strunke Leaves Company Amid Restructuring

Embracer COO Egil Strunke Leaves

Embracer Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) Egil Strunke has left the company amid the restructures taking place.

His announcement came via a post on his LinkedIn profile on Monday.

“Last week I left Embracer Group as COO, and it’s with mixed feelings I am parting ways with this global company phenomenon, rooted in Karlstad, Sweden,” Strunke said.

“On one hand I’m grateful for having had the chance to work with the one-of-a-kind [CEO] Lars Wingefors and all the other AMAZING colleagues (too many to mention!) which I will be sad to leave. On the other hand excited about the opportunities that lie ahead – starting and building my own company: Strunke Games.”

Strunke exits the company after spending the last four years there. Before his recent stint, he was also with Embracer from 2011-2014.

Recently, various Embracer Group studios have been undergoing layoffs. The most recent being Neverwinter developer Cryptic Studios.

“Although the last year has been rough, in line with general market changes and industry consolidation, I am positive that Embracer will come out stronger and with a long, bright future ahead of them,” he added.

What do you make of Strunke’s leaving as COO of Embracer Group? For more Insider Gaming, check out what game could finally be coming to console from Blizzard.

  1. They need to consolidate the company have 1 publisher and shut down companies like Dark Horse.

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