Elon Musk Changes The Face of Twitter While Grinding Diablo 4

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Last night, tens of thousands of people sat in a Twitter Space while waiting for Elon Musk to join. It was named ‘No one talk until we summon Elon Musk’, and it took just one hour for the silent Space to attract the man himself. Once he’d joined, he casually explained that he going to change Twitter’s branding for the first time in almost twenty years, ultimately dropping the instantly-recognisable blue bird.

There was a lot of background noise from Elon’s side during this conversation, and it didn’t take long for the distracted owner and CTO of Twitter to explain that he was neck-deep in Diablo 4. It was a bizarre and super-casual conversation that lasted just five minutes, and it was almost all themed around gaming.

Hey, Elon!

When asked why the Twitter logo is being changed, Elon Musk simply said:

It should have been done a long time ago – sorry it took so long.

He then explained that as he was grinding Diablo 4, engineers were cutting the Twitter logo from the side of its offices with blowtorches. That’s one way to get it done, I suppose.

Musk reprimanded the users sitting in the Twitter Space, demanding to know why they’d summoned him and ‘interrupted his Diablo 4’ session. It then devolved into something a little awkward as users requested to know Musk’s Steam ID and then grilled him on the types of games he was playing.

He seemed particularly tickled by the fact that his own Diablo 4 character was named ‘IWillNeverDie’.

Before the conversation wrapped, Musk boasted that he’d taken the time to complete Halo Infinite on Legendary difficulty, and that statement came following suggestions that he should use the Twitter platform to become a successful streamer.

And then it wrapped with Musk explaining the depth of Super Smash to a room of seemingly uninterested listeners who seemed more intent on learning whether or not he was drinking Diet Coke.

Twitter is strange.

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  1. I honestly can’t tell if this is parody or reality. That’s how messed up our timeline has become.

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