Ubisoft Will Delete Everything If Your Account Is Inactive

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Ubisoft has since published information clearing up the concerns that it’ll delete all your games and close your account with ’30 days’ notice’ – which was never right from the start, as we’ve explained below.

It was recently revealed that Ubisoft has an account closure process that’ll see your history with the firm totally wiped if you remain inactive for too long. This was made clear by the company’s support staff, and it has drastic ramifications. It means that your account will be automatically deleted – purchases, unlocks, progress, and everything else – if you remain inactive for a little too long.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent $500 on the platform and logged thousands of hours – if you stop using Ubisoft’s services for a little too long, they’ll ping you an email warning you of the imminent closure of your account. If you then ignore – or totally miss – that email, then you can kiss your Ubisoft account goodbye.

How Long Do You Have?

From what we can see, the duration that you need to surpass before you’re classed as ‘too inactive’ isn’t set in stone, but some users have speculated that it could be anything from two years to six years – or more, according to some. Once you’ve passed that threshold, you’ll have thirty days following the warning email to log into your account.

It’s assumed that even a simple log-in is enough to be considered active once again.

If you’d bought every Assassin’s Creed game, a few Far Cry titles, and perhaps some Splinter Cell or Rainbow Six games, you’d lose them all if you remained inactive for too long with Ubisoft.

What do you think about this revelation? Are you enraged, or do you think it just makes sense?

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  1. Server space can be at a premium. I know the company I work for is very strict about space on their servers, why not Ubisoft? After all, space costs $. Just check in periodically. I don’t think that’s asking a lot. If you fail to check in for over 2 or 3 years, they can easily think you’re either dead or lost interest and moved on to something else.

  2. They’ll probaby start doing that to individual games soon enough, “We see you haven’t played ‘game name’ in 2 years, the game has been deleted from your account.

  3. I think it’s time to delete ubisoft’s account for inactivity!! Ridiculous…….

  4. well i already knew it is a shitty company, the ubisoft app on PC to play the games is terrible, on xbox it never worked and all i got from customerservice was that it was a known problem…

    I do love the games, luckily i bought most of them in the xbox store.

  5. Ubisoft in general have been disgusting for a long time, the lazy french attitude to everything. Shutting down individual games servers after very little time, deleting accounts, shoehorning micropayments into every game and splitting everything into multiple dlcs and refusing to take responsibility for anything. Anyone still buying an ubisoft game at this point is a sucker

  6. I wonder if this is actually legal under UK consumer law. If you have purchased a product I would have thought it was legally yours to access regardless any inactivity. Giving you 30 days’ notice is ridiculous, what if you’ve lost access to that account?

    I’m damned sure I’d be threatening them with legal action if they pulled that with me.

    1. Chances are they have more and more expensive lawyers then you do, and they have some clause buried in those terms of service nobody reads saying that you agree to it. So it would be pointless to even threaten them with any legal action, let alone follow through with it. I say just boycott them and dont buy any of thier games. If you really wanna play them, pirate them.

  7. whatever, the last assassins creed was shit. there are many other far cry like games that are better. you wanna PUNISH us for not playing your SHITTY games all the time after we beat them then I guess we shouldn’t BUY any more of your SHIT games. simple problems require simple solutions.

  8. Recently revealed?
    Seems like this should have been stated when you bought the license for the game.
    “You’re just paying to rent the game until you stop playing it…play or die!!”
    Check here .

  9. Nah the author of this needs sacking and given a major reality check. Didn’t check anything and instead just shared a complete lie. Ubisoft is not deleting accounts with purchased game. L author

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