Dr Disrespect Unboxes His First CSGO Knife, And It’s a Stunner

dr disrespect

There’s something of a trend that’s spreading like wildfire at the moment, and it’s seeing high-profile content creators opening masses of CSGO cases on stream – but at the same time, they’re telling their communities to not do that. It’s gambling – and that’s bad, kids.

Last night, Dr Disrespect was doing just that, opening cases with the sole intention of securing a knife, which is typically the key goal of this activity. It can be a beautiful thing, as many of these melee weapon CSGO skins can fetch immense prices. Following an extended spree that saw him open hundreds of cases over a lengthy period of time, the Doc finally secured a knife – and it just so happened to be one of the most valuable knives in the game.

What Are The Chances of That?

It was just weeks ago that one brand-new CSGO player opened a series of cases and landed on a knife that he had a 0.001% chance of securing. It was a $150,000 Blue Gem Karambit, and he was one of just a handful of people to ever own one – until he sold it on, that was.

Now, the trend is spreading like crazy, and in recent weeks, we’ve seen the likes of TimTheTatman, Ninja, and Cloakzy teaming up to battle each other in a race to unlock the nicest things first. Ninja sent the internet into a frenzy by appearing in a picture on social media that showed him opening CSGO cases on a Steam Deck while attending a wedding.

It’s causing some to show a little uproar, claiming that it’s an addictive habit that’s essentially gambling, and he’s promoting it to what is an audience made up of mostly younger gamers.

Dr Disrespect was the latest content creator to hit it big while opening a series of CSGO cases, and it came following jibes that were aimed at the veteran streamer, mocking him for never having secured a single knife skin in all his time trying.

In a chance opening, Dr Disrespect secured an M9 Bayonet skin – a Doppler, in Factory New Sapphire. It’s worth up to around $20,000 on the open market right now, according to the likes of the CSGO Wiki and Steam Analyst. It’s unclear if the Two Time will be selling his knife or keeping it as a trophy, but it certainly is a monumental win for the guy.

It’s not all fun and games, though. Recently, another streamer – ohnePixel – opened $130,000 worth of CSGO cases on stream and turned around just $4,000 worth of skins…

What do you think? Are you eager to open some cases yourself off the back of this news, or are you being sent into a rage by so many creators spamming CSGO cases out of nowhere? Let us know.

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