Pretend to be an NPC and Earn Thousands of Dollars

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There’s a new trend spreading like wildfire on platforms like TikTok and it’s earning some creators thousands of dollars in the space of a few hours. It’s a relatively bizarre concept – they’re pretending to be ‘NPCs’ on stream, repeating the same lines over and over again, performing ‘robotic’ movements, and generally acting as though they’re… Well, NPCs.

In the most prolific case, Canadian ‘TikToker’ Fedha ‘PinkyDoll’ Sinon spoke out about just how much she earns while portraying an ‘unbreakable’ NPC on stream. It turns out that in the space of just a few hours, she can rack up as much as $3,000 while streaming on TikTok. As you could expect, that level of success has spawned thousands of copycats.

And nobody knows how to feel about it.

It Literally Doesn’t Stop Getting Worse

Love it or hate it, TikTok is here to stay and it’s here to turn everyday individuals into superstar, multi-millionaire influencers. It’s strange for some, but more often than not, it’s the weird stuff that sticks, that’s something that rings true with this latest trend – NPC streams.

Call it a kink, call it loneliness – whatever you like. It’s enabling people to secure bag after bag, and those that are the best at it are pioneering the trend with ferocity. Recently, the likes of IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat got involved, with the latter racking up a staggering $6,000 from a stream on TikTok that lasted just an hour.

In his words:

We made $6000 sitting on our ass and going live on TikTok

In one relatively strange clip, we saw one user repeatedly thanking users for ‘glizzies’ while his mother chastised him and begged viewers to leave him alone while he seeks help. It’s speculated that she’s part of the act – and if so, it works. These TikTok ‘gifts’ kept on rolling in, and each one carries with it monetary value.

What do you think? Are you enamoured by this latest trend to hit TikTok and other streaming platforms, or are you sick of the bizarre trends that keep surfacing that ultimately bleed away into nothing but banality?

Let us know.

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