Ubisoft Has Cleared Up The ‘Account Deletion’ Crisis

account deletion

If you’ve been within the social circles that surround the gaming community in recent days, you’ll likely have seen a reference to Ubisoft’s ‘account deletion’ policy. It was a shred of news that spread like wildfire – because people believed that Ubisoft was deleting accounts that surpassed thirty days of inactivity.

Well, that wasn’t ever the case – as we stated in our article that reported the news. However, there was a lot of confusion around the matter, and it took a statement from Ubisoft to clear up the account deletion scandal that – for a few days – rocked the gaming world.

Here Are The Facts

As reported by IGN, Ubisoft has officially cleared up what it does with old, outdated, and inactive accounts. It stressed that it won’t delete accounts that have purchased games attached to them – and that’s the most important factor at play. It was also stated that it takes the following into account when attempting whether or not to issue a closure notice:

  • What’s the gaming activity of the account since its creation?
  • How long has the account been inactive across Ubisoft’s ecosystem?
  • Is there an active subscription tied to the account?

It was also stressed that Ubisoft hasn’t ever deleted an account that has been inactive for less than four years. Even then, the 30-day notice was issued and the account owner was warned that the closure was imminent.

So, to sum up – Ubisoft will not delete your games, it will not close your account if you’ve got a subscription or purchases attached to it, and you will need to have not even sniffed that account for at least four years for it to be eligible for deletion.

Case closed.

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