Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Roadmap Revealed

new elder scrolls online chapter

In a new post on Twitter, Bethesda revealed a 10th anniversary roadmap for Elder Scrolls Online, teasing 15 months of upcoming content.

This includes both in-game updates and partner celebrations. June will be the next busy month for ESO fans, as the Gold Road chapter rolls out.

Today’s Elder Scrolls Online livestream confirmed that Gold Road will launch on June 3rd for PC, and June 18th for consoles. The latter will support both PlayStation and Xbox. For now, players can already try out the Gold Road prologue quest for free.

The highlight of the Elder Scrolls Anniversary Online roadmap culminates with a 2025 “Global Reveal” livestream. It should break very big news, since there will also be an in-person event in North America.

The final area of the roadmap also reveals plans for a Guild Recruitment Event next year.

There’s still a massive fanbase for Elder Scrolls Online, which just passed 24 million players last January. The game continues to evolve, and fans are looking forward to the new Scribing system.

In a Twitter post today, Bethesda boasted that the Scribing system will add “nearly 4000 new ability combinations to ESO”. That’s a massive addition that will definitely offer players more freedom to build their preferred playstyle.

The new roadmap also teases that the PVP system will roll out sometime between July and December with Update 44. Since it follows the Housing System update, fans can likely expect the new PVP features to arrive later in the year.

The overall franchise is still thriving. Just last week, Bethesda confirmed that it is already working on Elder Scrolls VI, during a 30th anniversary message.

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