Sledgehammer is Testing a ‘Stay in Lobby’ Button on MW3

mw3 stay in lobby

In recent hours, Call of Duty fans have found themselves being presented with an all-new ‘Stay in Lobby’ button following their multiplayer matches, giving them the option to remain with their randomised squad as the lobby transitions into a new match. This was once a common feature in previous Call of Duty titles – and was originally the default standard, keeping players together unless they backed out and queued up again.

Long Time Coming

When posts started surfacing online revealing this new feature, the first thing players started doing was criticising how long it has taken to implement it. Of course, there were also the players that demanded Sledgehammer Games give up on quality-of-life improvements like this to focus on the bigger picture, but that’s to be expected.

With the new ‘Stay in Lobby’ button, players will be able to remain with a squad they were randomly paired up with by Modern Warfare 3’s Skill-Based Match Making algorithms. This is particularly helpful if you’re playing Search and Destroy and you find a group that you gel with. Instead of backing out and adding them as friends to remain together, you can simply tell each other to ‘Stay in Lobby’ and keep dominating.

Are we about to start making friends in Call of Duty again?

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