Fallout 76 is Free With Prime This Month – Here’s Why You Should Get It

fallout 76 free

Fallout 76 still gets a bad rap as being the ‘downfall of the Fallout franchise’. It was released in 2018 to a paltry reception, and the initial reviews were certainly well-founded. It was a barren game – and that’s not just because it was set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It felt empty and devoid of life, and there was nothing tangible to motivate the player to explore the open world and stick with the game.

Following a wonderful transformation story, Fallout 76 has become something of a diamond in the rough. There are still millions of people stuck in a delusion and insisting that Fallout 76 sucks because of those early impressions, but Bethesda Game Studios has worked had to turn the game around, and it’s now well worth playing.

This month, you’ll be able to secure Fallout 76 for free with Prime Gaming – and here’s why you should do just that.

Is Fallout 76 Worth It Now?

Fallout 76 now offers hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of content. It’s a perfect MMO for anyone new to the genre and it’s firmly rooted in the lore of the Fallout universe. As the first multiplayer game in the post-apocalyptic franchise, Fallout 76 had a hard time carving out a legitimate spot in the series, with many claiming that ‘it’s not a real Fallout game’ – but that’s nonsense.

If you’re new to Fallout 76, you’ve got hundreds of hours of gameplay lined up ahead of you. From a shell of a game, Bethesda Game Studios – and other, third-party studios – have built this vibrant, diverse, and dynamic world that boasts immersive questlines, countless side tasks, a bounty of world events, and some fan-favourite limited-time specials that keep the game stoked and burning brightly.

It’s one of the biggest worlds in the Fallout franchise, it has unparalleled base-building mechanics, and as a live service game, it’s constantly being updated and tweaked by Bethesda Game Studios. If you’re a fan of the franchise and you’ve never played Fallout 76, you’re shooting yourself in the foot – so get your VATS switched on and target this free drop from Prime Gaming.

From April 11, to coincide with the release of the Fallout TV show, users on PC and Xbox will be able to claim a code for Fallout 76 for no extra charge. There’s no risk associated with that, so why not give it a shot and see how you feel?

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