Relic Entertainment Lays Off 41 Employees After Gaining Independence

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Last week, it was revealed that Relic Entertainment will become an independently-run studio, moving out from under Sega’s umbrella thanks to an external investor. Relic is best known for Company of Heroes, the WWII-themed strategy game that PC players have enjoyed for almost twenty years.

However, in a recent post on LinkedIn, it was revealed that Relic has made a wave of layoffs that has impacted more than forty employees at the firm.

‘An Increasingly Volatile Industry’

It’s a tough time for all involved in the gaming industry – since the start of 2023, close to 20,000 industry workers have lost their jobs, and some studios have been shut down completely. We’ve seen projects cancelled, established games sunsetted, and some teams cut down to shells of their former selves as developers, publishers, and other associated companies restructure across the business.

Relic Entertainment is the latest firm to be hit by this trend, as revealed in a post on LinkedIn:

Following last week’s announcement of Relic becoming an independent studio, today we have some difficult news. Earlier today we shared details with Relicans about a layoff.

Letting people go was not an easy decision, and was made solely with the goal of providing Relic the best possible chance to survive in an increasingly volatile industry. It does not in any way reflect the expertise, passion, or character of any of the impacted employees.

We are working closely with those affected providing severance packages, extended benefits, and outplacement support options.

To those we are saying goodbye to, we are deeply sorry that it has come to this. We thank you for everything you have done for our studio and our projects, and we wish you all the best.

It wasn’t mentioned in the post, but a report published by Game Developer revealed that 41 employees had been impacted by this wave. This news follows cuts made at Sega that impacted 240 employees around the world.

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