Report: Elder Scrolls 6 ‘Expected 2026 or Later’, Not on PlayStation

elder scrolls 6 body

In an all-new document released from the heart of the FTC vs. Microsoft trial, it was reported that The Elder Scrolls 6 (VI, for the clever folks) is ‘expected 2026 or later’ and it won’t be available on PlayStation platforms. This document takes the form of a matrix of games ranging from Deathloop to Fallout and from Starfield to TES 6, and it shows in black and white, in Microsoft’s own words, that TES 6 will skip over PlayStation.

PlayStation Missed Starfield, Now It’ll Miss Elder Scrolls

Starfield proved to be a monumental success on Xbox and PC, surpassing six million players in just a few days and marking itself up as Bethesda’s biggest launch ever. It was a testament to the power of marketing – and of Xbox Game Pass. Since then, Starfield has remained strong, sitting at the top of the sales charts and trending like wildfire in social circles.

Now, it seems that The Elder Scrolls 6 will follow the same path, as according to a recent document released from the FTC vs. Microsoft trial (and shared by Tom Warren), Bethesda Game Studios has no plans to release the game on PlayStation platforms.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting more information regarding TES 6 since it was revealed five years ago – but Bethesda Game Studios has been busy with Starfield. Now, all eyes turn to the well-established fantasy franchise and to what’s coming next.

I’m personally hoping there’s a reveal of Fallout 5 in the next few years as the team closes up the development of The Elder Scrolls 6.

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