Activision Was Introduced to Nintendo ‘Switch 2’ In 2022

nintendo switch 2 reveal

In recent reports from the FTC v. Microsoft trial – namely those concerning internal communications from within Activision – it was revealed that Activision’s executives met with the higher-ups at Nintendo in December 2022 to chat about the ‘Switch 2’. It was discussed in email chains as the ‘Switch NG’ (Next-Generation) and claimed it’ll boast performance close to that seen on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console.

This news comes from Tom Warren of The Verge, and it’s a critical indicator that Nintendo has been working behind closed doors with publishers and developers for quite some time. It was only weeks ago that the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch was shown to a select few teams at Gamescom – but it seems traces of those discussions go back much further than we originally thought.

It’s The Way It Works

It is quite obvious – no hardware manufacturer worth their salt is going to piece together the next generation of a console without involving those making games for said console, right? In this case, Nintendo’s apparent partnership with Activision could lend itself as evidence to the latter firm’s games appearing on the former firm’s hardware in the coming years.

I’m talking about Call of Duty appearing on Nintendo consoles.

It was back in December 2022 that the likes of Bobby Kotick met with the CEO and President of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa. It isn’t known exactly what they discussed, but there was an executive briefing attached to the uncovered email chain that directly references the new Switch console.

It’s likely this new console could launch as early as 2024.

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