EA Has Released a ‘First Look’ Trailer For UFC 5

ufc 5

In a four-and-a-bit-minute trailer, Electronic Arts has showcased UFC 5, the upcoming fighting game (sports game?) that was revealed just weeks ago. In the breakdown, it was shown how EA’s proprietary Frostbite Engine will make the game look better than anything the UFC team has produced to date.

It was also explained at length how the new dynamic damage and wounding mechanics work, from the realistic portrayal of bloody injuries to the impact certain strikes will have on your fighter’s body and abilities. Overall, it looks fluid, and more visceral than ever before, and it features more immersive and engaging features than any game in the series thus far.

UFC 5 Looks Comprehensive

From all-new referee interactions and super-slow-motion action replays to online draws and a brand-new series of challenges called Fight Week, there’s plenty of innovation this time around for UFC 5.

In the trailer, it was shown that players will be able to play in roles called ‘alter egos’, which see them assume control of iconic fighters in their career-defining moments, and as time goes on, more of these events will be added to the game.

Here’s the trailer:

We reported exclusively on some of the content featured in the trailer, specifically on the host of pre-order bonuses. If you pre-order the deluxe edition of UFC 5 now, you’ll receive early access and three legendary fighters: Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Fedor Emelianenko.

It looks like the community is taking this trailer a lot better than it did the bizarre cover art reveal…

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  1. It looks the same as UFC 4 there were no improvements! What did they do for 3 years? Is Fight Night going to look the same? When does that come out? This game doesn’t even have Pride mode maybe then you could say there was some improvement but it doesn’t. Using game models instead of real people for the cover was a horrible idea it doesn’t look realistic you can tell it’s a game. At this point UFC should pull the license from EA.

  2. This looks bad I was hoping they would bring Pride back but nope. We need another MMA game like how AEW got a game. Someone like PFL or One need to partner with a publisher and have Yuke’s make a new MMA game.

  3. So it’s ufc 4.5 you guys fuck up every game doesn’t matter what the fans think or say but ufc undisputed 3 is better your striking on ufc 5 hasn’t change or the ground game shit bearly the stand up only new things you added were cuts and doctor stoppages that was in ufc undisputed 3 so took you this long to make it wow

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