Elder Scrolls 6 Might NOT Be An Xbox Exclusive

elder scrolls 6

Following Starfield’s already impressive success, it seems unrealistic to imagine that any other Bethesda Game Studios titles wouldn’t be exclusive to Xbox, but that might just be the case with Elder Scrolls 6. The long-awaited sequel to 2011’s TES V: Skyrim is reportedly on the fence in terms of exclusivity, if Phil Spencer is to be believed.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Phil ‘P3’ Spencer, the Head of Xbox, was grilled on the upcoming fantasy RPG epic that entered development just weeks ago. It isn’t expected to be on the scene for another five or six years, but people are already wondering whether Elder Scrolls 6 will be exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms.

‘Case-by-Case Basis’

In the chat with Bloomberg’s technology team, Phil Spencer stated clearly that games are addressed on a case-by-case basis, even in light of the acquisitions that have been made or are being made by Microsoft and Xbox. He said:

We want to make sure our games are available in so many different places — we’re looking at millions and millions of players who will have access to Starfield and other Xbox Game Studios games. It’s really about giving players choice around how they want to play and how they build their library of games.

Recently, Starfield’s overwhelming success prompted Bethesda’s Todd Howard to express his delight, stating that making Starfield an exclusive product on Xbox platforms resulted in the ‘creation of a better product’.

Ultimately, there’s no real way of knowing what the gaming sphere will look like in five or six years. We’ll have had new deals settled, new hardware released, and all manner of new services cropping up and falling back down again. There’s every opportunity for Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios to publish Elder Scrolls 6 on PlayStation platforms – just as there is every opportunity for whatever comes next in the Fallout series to be released on PlayStation (6, 7?).

Starfield might be a standout exception to that concept because it’s an entirely new IP, but many have argued that something that has been multi-platform for years should remain multi-platform.

Do you think Elder Scrolls 6 should be a multi-platform title?

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  1. Yes elders scrolls started out multi platform and should stay that way…it’s way too big of game…

  2. My unshakable loathing for Microsoft as a company beginning since the early 2000s is greater than my love of every TES game since Daggerfall. If M$ forces their Bethesda (which said it will “continue to operate as a separate business” lol) to make TES6 Xbox/Windows exclusive, then I can live with that. I will never buy an Xbox or run Windows for the rest of my life even if you put a gun to my head. In fact, I was once gifted an Xbox One as an Xmas bonus from work and I took it right back to Best Buy that very same day. That’s how much I loath M$. The day Microsoft implodes will be the day I open a bottle of champagne and dance on its grave. If TES becomes a casualty of M$s “throw money to solve every problem” and other sh***y business tactics, then so be it. Bye bye Bethesda. It was nice knowing you.

  3. After Starfield’s lackluster release, i’d be surprised if TES6 isn’t on Playstation. On PS, they could actually have a group of people that will buy TES6 and not rent it through GP.

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