EA Reportedly Ending Support For Wild Hearts Seven Months After Launch

EA Reportedly Ending Support Wild Hearts

EA is reportedly ending support for Wild Hearts just seven months after the game’s launch. The report comes via a post in both the game’s official Discord and on its subreddit from a moderator.

“What you think has happened to the game has unfortunately happened,” the moderator said. “In typical EA news, it seems like they did not want to sit on the game and give it the time and expected it to most likely be the next MH(Monster Hunter). Seems like it didn’t turn into the multi-million dollar big hit they wanted and don’t want to give it the love to grow.”

While servers are likely to stay online, players shouldn’t expect any sort of additional content, updates, or fixes moving forward. There is expected to be an official announcement made, according to the moderator.

The monster hunting game launched in February and has received generally favorable reviews on Metacritic.

Insider Gaming has reached out to both EA and developer Omega Force for comment on this report. Should a response be received, we will update this story accordingly. Until then, please take this report with a grain of salt.

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  1. This sucks! With a bit of love and some time, this game could ABSOLUTELY trump Monster Hunter. The movement is 100% better, which made combat 100% better than any Monster Hunter combat. Unfortunately, EA is acting in typical EA fashion. Where if they don’t get MILLIONS immediately, they drop the game. But instead, it seemed more like a cash grab. I’m officially done with ANY games from here on out from EA. And for Omega Force, yall are trash for not being transparent about this and instead of keep players updated, yall focused all your time into the new single player you’re about to drop…I hope that bombs too.

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