EA’s Single-Player Iron Man Game Has Entered Production

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Last year, it was revealed that EA would be putting together a single-player Iron Man title, working in partnership with Marvel to create an action-adventure experience like never before. Until now, there has been no further news on the project, but it has been finally revealed through a Reddit AMA that production on Iron Man has officially begun.

It’s supposed to be a passion project – something special from the minds of Marvel and Motive, the studio that handled the recent rebuilding of Dead Space. In EA’s words, it’s ‘an original narrative that taps into the rich history of Iron Man, channelling the complexity, charisma and creative genius of Tony Stark’.

From One Metal Suit to Another

Motive is reportedly working hard on the production of Iron Man if a comment made by the studio during a Reddit AMA is anything to go by:

We have an amazing team at Motive that has started working on Iron Man and you you can rest assured that it’s in great hands!

Most recently, EA Motive shipped the Dead Space remake, which is, at present, performing remarkably well in reviews on a global scale. There may have even been a reference in the AMA that a follow-up is planned in the form of Dead Space 2. At one point, a user asked if they’ll be continuing their work with Dead Space, to which the response was:

… the team will take a well deserved vacation before determining what’s next.

So, that’s not a ‘no.’

For now, Motive will pivot (or has pivoted) to the Iron Man project. There are several vacancies listed on the studio’s careers page at present, almost all of which are aimed at the Iron Man project. It seems as though there’s a ramping up of resources to piece together and ultimately deliver what we hope is a grand exploration of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

In October 2022, it was revealed that Motive was hosting a ‘playtesting session’, which was most likely a chance for the studio to explore the upcoming concepts and plans for the game, rather than offering up the chance to play it.

It’s a relatively busy time for superhero games – this year, we’ll be seeing the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and just recently, we covered the latest news coming out of Marvel’s Wolverine project.

And apparently, that’s not it for EA – there are rumours of a single-player Black Panther game being in the works, along with a third, totally unknown game.

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