Gun Game Confirmed For Season Two of MWII

Well, Infinity Ward seems intent on answering the prayers of every Modern Warfare II player on the market. On Twitter, something of a trend has emerged, with players quite literally asking Infinity Ward for something to be added to Modern Warfare II and Infinity Ward… Doing it.

It started when a player referenced how much they missed Infected, to which Infinity Ward confirmed it would be added on February 15th, when Season Two drops in the game. Now, someone has addressed how much they want to make content on the age-old, ever-popular mode, Gun Game.

And Infinity Ward confirmed they’d add that, too.

Time To Sharpen Up

Gun Game is a fantastic test of any player’s abilities, offering up a range of weapons that a player works their way through, switching to a new weapon with each successive kill. It can get increasingly difficult over time, and typically, the final kill will need to be with a melee weapon.

It debuted in Black Ops in 2010, which was a game that also introduced bizarre, kooky modes like Sticks and Stones and One in the Chamber.

Now, it’s set to make a return, with Infinity Ward confirming, quite simply, that it’ll be added to Modern Warfare II on February 15th.

There’s a stack of content coming with the Season Two update, such as an all-new Resurgence map for Warzone 2.0. For the more hardcore players (and fans of the Call of Duty League), Ranked Play is being made available with Season Two, as is the fast-paced, high-octane mode, Infected.

That’s along with the usual assortment of maps, weapons, modes, cosmetics, operators, and seasonal events, of course.

What a time to be a Call of Duty fan.

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