Infected Is Coming to MWII in Season Two Update


On Twitter, a brief, passing comment made by the Call of Duty profile has kicked off confirmation of the impending arrival of Infected, a fan-favourite game mode, on the Modern Warfare II platform. This was subsequently followed by Infinity Ward, confirming that, yes, Infected is definitely coming.

Infected was introduced in 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 and it last made an appearance in 2019’s Modern Warfare. Since then, fans of the high-octane, energetic game mode have been left out in the cold, but the mode is set to make a reappearance in Season Two, which is due to drop on February 15th.

Infected Will Return In Modern Warfare II

There was a brief exchange on Twitter that has opened the door to the entire community becoming extremely excited about Modern Warfare II receiving the Infected game mode when Season Two drops in a matter of days:

Then, by way of a response to that Tweet, Infinity Ward dropped full confirmation in another tweet.

There was already plenty of content coming to Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 in Season Two, and now that Infected is a key part of that drop, fans are overjoyed. It’s finally something done right by Infinity Ward!

Infected is one of the most energetic, entertaining game modes ever introduced to Call of Duty. It was originally a concept explored in private matches before it was picked up by Infinity Ward and turned into a full-fledged mode.

Coincidentally, it was dropped on February 5, 2012 – so this announcement comes almost eleven years to the day that it was made available to the world.

It’s a simple concept – survivors must avoid becoming infected by any means necessary, and that often means barricading themselves in a tight corner and relentlessly gunning down scores of powerful, enhanced enemies that are, you guessed it – Infected.

So, Infected will return to the Call of Duty ecosystem on February 15th, along with everything else that’s coming. One thing that has fans excited for Season Two is the return of Resurgence – and the arrival of an all-new Warzone map!

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