Ashika Island: New Resurgence Map Teased for Warzone 2

On Twitter, the Call of Duty channel posted a short teaser that revealed the name of the brand-new Resurgence map coming to the game when Season Two drops on the 15th of February. Dubbed ‘Ashika Island’, this small-form map that has been built for respawn-driven gameplay appears to be a Japanese island, which is something that was predicted several months ago.

There’s a full reveal tomorrow, but so far, a rough outline of the map has been revealed by Activision, along with the name – Ashika Island. It’s a word that roughly translates into ‘sea lion’ in English, not that it really means anything… Or does it?

Resurgence Returns

Ashika Island should be a return to form for Warzone 2, it’s thought. There are high expectations that a respawn mode will add a little fuel to the dwindling fire that has, of late, led to a mass exodus of players from the platform.

For the last few weeks, Infinity Ward has been working around the clock to plug holes in the game and bring it back into some kind of welcoming shape, making changes to DMZ and the battle royale platform itself. It’s an unfortunate fact, but mere months after both Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 launched, players are disappointed, disillusioned, and disappearing.

Last year, Rebirth Island, and later, Fortune’s Keep drove content creation and streaming figures up across the board. It’s no big secret that Caldera almost killed Call of Duty Warzone, and it was the respawn maps that kept something alive – at least until Warzone 2 was released.

So, players are eager to once again step into a Resurgence mode on a smaller, fast-paced map, and Ashika Island is where that’ll happen.

It’ll land with Season Two on February 15th.

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