Marvel’s Wolverine: M-Rated, Semi-Open, May Launch Fall 2024

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On a GiantBomb podcast – Game Mess Mornings – Jeff Grubb launched into a conversation about Marvel’s Wolverine, offering up several key pieces of information. Firstly, he stated that the game will have an ‘M for Mature’ rating, which means it’ll be violent.

He also explained that it will feature dismemberment, making it one of the most violent Marvel titles in modern gaming. It may not be a patch on 2005’s The Punisher, which was originally handed the seldom-seen Adults Only rating, but it’s still likely to be quite visceral.

Furthermore, Grubb claimed that Marvel’s Wolverine may not launch until 2025 – but Insomniac is aiming for a Fall 2024 window – and when it does launch, it’ll boast a ‘semi-open’ linear design.

Marvel’s Wolverine Is A Long Way Off

Wolverine was revealed during a PlayStation showcase event in 2021, and originally, it was reportedly targeting a launch window of Fall 2024. However, according to Jeff Grubb’s claims, there are expectations that the game may actually be delivered in 2025, owing to a lengthy development cycle.

Insider Gaming has heard similar dates from sources and can corroborate this information.

Here’s the trailer that was shown in 2021:

That development cycle is apparently going to give way to a ‘God of War-like’ semi-open, wide-linear design, which gives the player a larger-than-average area to explore and tackle as they see fit, jumping from core mission to core mission.

But, the detail that has interested fans the most is the tidbit that suggests that Marvel’s Wolverine will boast an M for Mature rating, owing to the fact that it features, among other things, human dismemberment. To this day, only nine games featuring Marvel’s characters have received the M for Mature rating, and two of those featured – you guessed it – Wolverine.

Insomniac, the developer behind Wolverine, has had a banner time of late, enjoying the massive success of the most recent Spider-Man titles – with Spider-Man 2 being set to launch later this year. It seems that Wolverine is set to boast just as high a production value as Spider-Man, according to Jeff Grubb:

Even though Marvel’s Wolverine is very early in development, from what I’ve seen of its emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay, the team is already creating something truly special.

Jeff Grubb

Fans are not bothered about the potential waiting time one bit – they just want Insomniac to take its time in producing a top-tier Wolverine title. And of course, the M for Mature rating is nothing short of an added bonus.

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