Techland Brings ‘Premium Currency’ to Dying Light 2

dying light 2 dl points

For some reason, Techland has decided to enrage fans of the almost two-year-old zombie-slaying game, Dying Light 2, by introducing an all-new ‘premium currency’ called DL Points. Masked as a good thing for gamers, this new currency will give fans the opportunity to purchase things ‘without even leaving the game’, but at present, this is just resulting in the game being review-bombed.

It was stressed by Techland that this will simply streamline purchasing in-game items and nothing more, but it also means that Techland will make more money on these bundles and cosmetics, stepping away from system-hosted stores on the likes of PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

It’s Not Perfect

Techland has already taken to Twitter to address the concerns of the community regarding this recent shift. They’re already tweaking mechanics and eliminating loopholes and flaws in the process, but it’s far from being a perfect solution. Recently, Techland was purchased by Tencent, a Chinese tech conglomerate, and many in the community are blaming this recent pivot on that acquisition.

For now, the review bombing begins on Steam – of course. It’s almost as though it’s the only way gamers can express their disappointment with something related to any product released to the market these days.

Despite being almost two years old, Dying Light 2 still boasts a solid player count, and Techland is constantly working to introduce new content updates and crossover events into the game. This latest decision is without a doubt a strange one that was bound to enrage fans, but it’s added amidst ongoing efforts to make Dying Light 2 a better game all-round.

It didn’t have the best launch, but it still has legs, it seems.

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