How to Fix PC Performance in Starfield

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Struggling with performance issues in Starfield? This is how to fix PC performance issues in Starfield, including improving your FPS.

Starfield is incredibly demanding and even the most high-end PCs are struggling to keep up with Bethesda’s latest game. Todd Howard, the game director for Starfield, has previously told the community to upgrade their hardware in order to get the game running better, but even gamers with an RTX 4090 have reported issues getting the level of performance they expect from Starfield. Thankfully, like most other fixes these days, the community has come together and figured out a solution that will greatly improve the PC performance for Starfield.

A post on the PC Master Race sub-Reddit outlined the reasons why Starfield is unoptimized for PCs and also offered some new solutions to increase performance. It turns out that Starfield doesn’t allocate memory correctly and also sends the incorrect instructions to the GPU which means it gets caught off guard with the data it is given and it can cause the GPU to not work at full capacity as it is trying to decipher what it needs to do to process what you are seeing on screen.

The developer behind Vulkan, the GPU API that Starfield uses, has released an update that addresses these issues by efficiently implementing “Starfield’s use of ExecuteIndirect” which is causing the GPU to become confused which is causing the performance issues. In a release log for the latest update, the developers explained the fix saying,

“With `NV_device_generated_commands_compute` we can efficiently implement Starfield’s use of ExecuteIndirect which hammers multi-dispatch COMPUTE + root parameter changes. Previously, we would rely on a very slow workaround.”

It is also worth noting that this latest update has fixed some issues in other games including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 2, and Armored Core VI. While this isn’t a one-stop fix for all of the PC performance issues plaguing Starfield it is a step in the right direction, It is just a shame it is once again the community that is figuring these issues out and not the developers themselves.

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