Do We Know the Fallout 3 Remaster Release Date?

Fallout 3 Feature
Image via Bethesda

In grade school, I would religiously play through The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in any spare time I could find between studying and schoolwork. It was my escape from reality. That is, until Bethesda unveiled Fallout 3 in July of 2004. Now, here we all are, much older and impatiently waiting for the next mainline Fallout game to launch. In the meantime, do we know the Fallout 3 Remaster release date?

Is Fallout 3 Getting a Remaster?

The word around town—by town, I mean the games industry—is that a Fallout 3 Remaster is currently in the works. As revealed by the ZeniMax Management Forecast, which leaked during the FTC case, several projects are underway. Of course, this could change. Microsoft and Bethesda may choose to abandon projects. Still, following the immense success of the Fallout TV series, along with the rising popularity of Fallout 76, it would be an absolutely missed opportunity not to capitalize on the hype.

The problem, however, is that Fallout 5 is still many years away. In the interim, we need more Fallout, and the most efficient way to deliver is by remaking or remastering past titles.

When is the Fallout 3 Remaster Release Date?

As of right now, we do not have a Fallout 4 Remaster release date. There’s no official confirmation of the game’s arrival besides a few leaks and rumors, but it’s certainly likely.

In the past, Todd Howard stated that he didn’t like remakes and remasters and, as such, didn’t want Bethesda working on such projects. However, that’s likely to change under new management at Microsoft and Xbox. Microsoft wants to capitalize on the immense popularity of the Fallout brand, which is currently sweeping the globe, and the timeframe for the next single-player title doesn’t work into their earnings calls very well!

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