How Long is Silent Hill 2? – Answered

Silent Hill 2 Combat
Image via Konami

We’re living in a time in which all of our favorite survival horror games from days long past will likely receive a remake. You can thank impressive titles such as Resident Evil 2 Remake and Dead Space Remake, which paved the way. But still, many of us have our hearts set on the Silent Hill 2 Remake. So much, in fact, that we’re returning to the original. But how long is Silent Hill 2? Do you have time to finish the original survival horror game before its remake hits the market?

How Long to Beat Silent Hill 2

From start to finish, you can beat Silent Hill 2 in approximately eight hours. If you’d like to focus on everything, especially exploration and side objectives, it’ll take you around 15-16 hours to finish the survival horror experience.

If you’re committed, you can probably finish the entire campaign in a day. However, most of us will take two to three days to complete.

There’s no word on the Silent Hill 2 Remake’s length just yet. We’re hoping it follows the Resident Evil 2 Remake route, not the Resident Evil 3 Remake design document, which ended up cutting a significant portion of the game. Overall, RE3R felt too short. I finished the entire story in a few hours. Here’s hoping Silent Hill 2 Remake won’t follow suit!

When is the Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming Out?

There is no official release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake—at least not yet. With the upcoming Silent Hill Transmission, which occurs on May 30 at 4 PM PDT or 1 AM CEST on May 31, we’ll likely see more from the upcoming survival horror remake.

According to rumors, we may wind up with a gameplay trailer and release date. At the very least, we’ll receive a release window. I suspect it’s sometime in 2025, but I’d love to be presently surprised with a Fall 2024 release window.

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