When is the Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date?

Silent Hill 2 Remake Nurses
Image via Bloober Team

For long-time fans of the survival horror genre, we’re living in something of a renaissance. We routinely receive high-quality remakes and remasters of our favorite old-school horror games. Then, you have upcoming AA and AAA horror titles and the indie horror gaming scene. It’s an excellent time to be a horror gaming fan. But what about the Silent Hill 2 Remake release date? That’s what we want to know more about!

Do We Know the Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date?

The official release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake is October 8, exclusively on PlayStation 5!

It’s a bit of a bummer that the team decided to make the iconic survival horror game a console exclusive. If you want to play Silent Hill 2 Remake on PC, prepare to wait for two to four years before the port becomes available.

For now, it’s looking like everyone with a PlayStation 5 is going to eat well this coming fall, slaying nurses and running for our lives!

Is Silent Hill 2 a Remake or Remaster?

There’s a difference between “remake” and “remaster,” despite some developers and fans confusing the two terms. A remaster is simply an update to an existing game that enhances the graphics and sound while retaining much of its original gameplay elements. It’s a way to ensure you can still enjoy your favorite classics on modern hardware.

A remake, however, completely redoes the entire experience from the ground up in—often—a brand-new engine for modern times. It features enhanced gameplay elements for the contemporary player, better graphics, occasionally new content, and plenty of quality-of-life tweaks to the core experience. It’s the best way to play an old-school classic!

Well, you’ll be excited to know that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 is a genuine remake, built for the modern audience!

While it’s fantastic that we’ll see more of the Silent Hill franchise soon, Resident Evil 9 isn’t so lucky and may not launch anytime soon. For more about your favorite games, we recommend signing up for the Insider Gaming Newsletter!