Do We Know the Once Human PlayStation 5 Release Date?

Once Human Watcher
Image via Starry Studio

So far, we’ve witnessed a rather rough launch and a mixed response to Once Human’s launch on PC. It’s an open-world survival game from developer Starry Studio with an otherworldly horror twist on the usual fare. But it’s also a bit messy right now. The team is working diligently to iron out any issues for the community, but many still have questions about when they can play. Namely, do we know the Once Human PlayStation 5 release date?

When is Once Human Coming to PS5?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for Once Human on PlayStation 5. Developer Starry Studio may wish to port the survival crafting game to consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, but it will take time.

For now, the studio aims to focus on the PC launch and then the mobile launch, where they intend to release the game on Android and iOS. There’s currently zero word about a console release, though.

Is Once Human on PS4?

As for the game launching on last-gen systems, it’s still in the cards. The hardware could easily hold up well enough for Once Human, as it’s not an overly demanding game. However, it still falls under the “no current plans” category for the team.

As of right now, you cannot play Once Human on PS4 or PS5; it’s only available on the PC. Is it entirely possible for the game to be released elsewhere? Of course! Will it happen? There’s no telling just yet.

The moment we know more about a console release date for Once Human, we’ll let you know!

Despite the launch day issues, Once Human managed to score over 120,000 players on day one! If that amazes you, then you’ll love the Insider Gaming Newsletter!

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