Destiny 2 The Final Shape To Be “Make Or Break” For Series

Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Is Destiny 2’s The Final Shape DLC a make-or-break moment for the franchise? It sure looks to be going that way.

According to Forbes’ Paul Tassi’s latest report on the recent Bungie layoffs, things are shaping up where Bungie is going all out with The Final Shape to earn the trust back of players.

“They want The Final Shape not just to be as good as Forsaken or The Taken King but better,” Tassi’s report says. “It needs to be the best, and it’s viewed as the key to turning things around.”

He added: “The Final Shape campaign and features are reportedly quite solid even in its current state, ahead of planned future work. But they want to go even further, and there is some concern about crunch to make that happen, even with a delay.”

Tassi says that The Final Shape’s delay was “known by some a couple months ago”. That said, it didn’t become more public knowledge until the layoffs were announced earlier this week.

Speaking of the layoffs, the latest is that Sony isn’t being blamed by those who were let go or who remain at Bungie. Rather, many, per Tassi, think that if Sony wasn’t Bungie’s parent company, the company could be in even more trouble given the current state of Destiny 2’s player base.

“Employees are extremely angry with leadership now, and have often communicated that publicly in meetings,” he writes.

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