‘Cyberpunk 2’ Devs Are Considering Multiplayer Elements

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Cyberpunk 2077 is that heartwarming rags-to-riches story that every gamer knows. It was released in 2020 to a miserable reception on account of it bursting at the seams with bugs and performance issues. Three years later, it’s an award-winning game with tens of millions of copies sold and super positive reviews. Now, CD Projekt, 2077’s developer, is preparing to move on to what comes next – Project Orion.

This is the follow-up title to Cyberpunk 2077, and it’s otherwise being stylised as ‘Cyberpunk 2’. In a recent catch-up with Reuters, CDP’s co-CEO, Michal Nowakowski, made a revelation about the game – which sits in the conceptual stage at present.

Could Cyberpunk 2 Have Multiplayer Features?

It almost writes itself, doesn’t it?

There must be thousands of players out there who were desperate to explore Cyberpunk’s Night City with friends, engaging in RP and battling to the death with all manner of augmentations and hardcore weapons.

In the interview with Reuters, Nowakowski – who co-heads CDP with Adam Badowski – said that the company is considering adding multiplayer elements to Project Orion – Cyberpunk 2 – but that’s all he gave up on the topic. It’s now open to speculation as to what those multiplayer elements would look like.

For instance, we could see a traditional open-world cooperative title, or some kind of tech-fuelled, neon-lit extraction shooter. How about a battle royale set in the heart of Night City? Or a metagame that lets you race high-powered cars against other players?

There are many possibilities.

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