Counter-Strike 2 Has Become Valve’s Worst-Rated Game Ever

counter-strike 2

It seems that the Counter-Strike community is wrestling with a series of concerns regarding Valve’s recent ‘update’ of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which existed for a straight decade. At the start of September, Valve released Counter-Strike 2, which is seen as being the next generation of Counter-Strike, but fans from the most casual to the most elite are finding plenty of things to complain about.

On Steam, Counter-Strike 2 has now become Valve’s worst-rated game. That includes all the historic reviews accrued by CSGO over the years, as essentially, Counter-Strike 2 just ‘hijacked’ CSGO’s store page on Steam following its global release.

People Really Aren’t Happy

Out of all Valve games ranging from Left 4 Dead to Portal, nothing boasts worse reviews than Counter-Strike 2 right now. On Steam, the recent review marker reads ‘Mixed’, and in total, there are almost one million reviews considered as negative.

From hitbox issues to concerns with the ‘sub tick’ structure of the servers, and from a stripped-down platform overall to more cheaters than ever before, there are plenty of things that are irritating players of late.

Recently, one professional player, Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, went on record slamming CS2, stressing that players shouldn’t get on board with the game for a few months, thanks to the teething issues that it’s experiencing.

Are you having issues with CS2, or are you totally happy with the game?

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    1. Someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
      People in the beginning paid money for GO. They then made it free to play (why didn’t Source Beta turn into GO?). Then they gave them this crap.

      You went from a paid for polished game to a turd. Hate change? Bless you.

  1. Have noticed hitbox issues but I like how the bots seem to adjust to your skill level. I enjoy playing offline with bots! No cheaters and everyone sucks as much as I do:). The graphics really only seem marginally better to me overall, though some of the new maps are cool with the moving train and all.

  2. Cheating is really fun in the game – I recommend all people to start cheating in the game, so much fun!

    1. I’ve been a longtime cs fan and after watching Valorant and cs2, I don’t want to play fps games

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