Jagex Bans OSRS Player With $250,000 Account

osrs player

Jagex has officially and permanently banned an Old School RuneScape player with an account that is (was?) worth a whopping $250,000 in real-world money. Reportedly, this player – ‘BTC’ – boasts an in-game collection worth a quarter of a million dollars, and at the time of his ban, he was sitting on a fortune that equalled some one trillion ‘gp’ in the game.

Record-Breaking, Banned

In a clip that was shared by Jake Lucky, we saw BTC complaining at length about his ban – which is his second ban of this nature. He goes on a tirade against Jagex, claiming that the company’s anti-cheat team is ‘braindead’ and ‘corrupt’.

Here’s the clip:

As per the reports, BTC was banned for ‘Real World Trading’, which is a process that’s frowned upon by developers the world over as it can encourage malicious activity in gaming, such as the utilisation of cheats. It’s a huge thing in some other games, like Escape From Tarkov, where players will pay real-world money to get in-game items, and the people who obtain and sell those items are often accused of being – and sometimes revealed to be – cheaters.

According to Jagex, BTC was tracked by the anti-cheat team, and hundreds of millions of ‘gp’ were traded through his account and then sold shortly afterwards, and now, the developer refuses to overturn the ban.

Did BTC just suffer one of the biggest losses in gaming because of a potentially misaligned ban, or do you think Jagex is in the right?

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  1. Jager as a company, is trash now, they only care about profit after being bought out by the Carlyle Group, bots have taken over every single highscore board, raids, bosses, events. I side with BTC, and if he didn’t do anything wrong he should sue them.

    1. I don’t care for the guy AT ALL but why tf would someone with one trill just randomly start RWTing meer hundreds or less dollars of the gold one day ? Makes no sense lmao. Gold is fucking $0.16cents per MILL on OSRS apparently. I don’t rwt on OSRS and only did on a dif account that was banned within the first year of osrs in 2013. Gold was worth rwt back then. Sold for $1usd a million. But if it’s only 16 Penny’s now. Why try even only a bill if you are risking one fucking trillion.

  2. This makes me laugh. Jagex has clearly defined rules stating that irl cash trading is not allowed and has a strict policy of enforcement.

    With that said, the fact that BTC is claiming his account was worth $250,000 is funny because if he weren’t actually selling things, he wouldn’t care about the monetary value. But rather care about the hours invested into the account.

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