Latest PS5 Update Blocks Cronus Devices From Working

cronus zen

If you search for ‘Cronus Zen’ on Google, you’ll see that the title returned in the search field boasts, ‘Cronus Zen now with full PS5 support!’ Well, thanks to the latest PlayStation 5 update rolled out by Sony, that’s no longer the case. When you navigate to the Cronus website, you’re met with a message informing you that as of January 24, Cronus Zen devices no longer work on PlayStation 5 consoles.

Sorry, cheaters.

That’s What You Get

In case you’ve never heard of a Cronus Zen, I’ll enlighten you. It’s a small but powerful device that permits users to almost maliciously modify their controllers and use macros to alter things in-game like recoil and aim assist. They’re commonly used by ill-intentioned Call of Duty players to gain an advantage in a game with already forgiving mechanics for controller players-based gamers.

As per Cronus’ message following the recent PlayStation 5 update, these devices are no longer functioning on Sony’s current powerhouse of a console:

We’re aware of an issue with Zen and the PS5. As of this morning (Jan 24), the console is prompting everyone to update, and if you do, Zen will no longer connect to the PS5 without disconnecting.

Cronus recommends that players don’t download this update, offering players a workaround that’ll keep their little devices working just fine. The firm also stressed that it hasn’t got a clue when the functionality will be switched back on, stating that it could be ’24hrs, 24 days, 24 months’ until the Cronus Zen devices work on PlayStation 5 consoles again.

So, if that PS5 player with the suspiciously good aim or remarkable in-game abilities suddenly bombs out in every match and can’t hit a shot, you know what’s happened.

Unfortunately, there will be legitimate users impacted by this, too. There’s another use for the Cronus Zen, and that’s for disabled or less physically capable players to remap or modify their inputs to better enjoy a game that would otherwise be out of their reach – but that’s not what Cronus Zens are best known for these days, sadly.

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  1. You should actually own/research Cronus before posting such ignorant articles. Cronus literally can not be blocked because it shows up as a genuine controller because a genuine controller is used for authentication. #FakeNews

  2. Poster above it’s you who should do your research, the cronus website tells you it’s blocked if you do the update.

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