Twitch Makes Changes To Streamer Payouts

twitch streamer payouts

Twitch has announced a number of changers to its streamer payout programs that will increase how much streamers receive each month.

In a new blog post on the company’s website, Twitch revealed three new revenue-related changes that will allow people to make more money without changing how they stream or what they stream.

These new changes include an expansion to the Twitch Partner Plus Program, the elimination of the $100,000 cap for a 70/30 revenue split, and changing the payout model for Prime Gaming subscriptions.

What Are The New Twitch Streamer Payout Changes?

Starting with the expanding Partner Plus Program. On May 1, Twitch will expand it for streamers in three facets:

  1. A new level is being added that will offer a 60/40 revenue split for those who maintain 100 plus points for three straight months.
  2. The 70/30 revenue split threshold is being lowered from 350 to 300 plus points
  3. Affiliates will be able to qualify.

With the changes, it will also be renamed from “Partner Plus Program” to simply “Plus Program” as of May 1. Plus Points are earned based on subscriptions with one point for each Tier 1 subscription, two points for Tier 2, and six points for Tier 3.

“In total, this expansion will allow three times as many streamers to have premium net revenue share rates,” Twitch says.

The next change is eliminating the $100,000 cap on the 70/30 revenue split for streamers, which goes into effect immediately.

“Previously, after reaching $100K annually in net subscription revenue, the revenue share would revert from 70% to the standard rate of 50%,” Twitch said. “We have received clear feedback that the $100K cap limited the earnings and growth opportunities for impacted streamers and served as a disincentive.”

Lastly, the company is moving to a “fixed rate model” for Prime Gaming subscriptions based on the country a subscriber is located in. For example, Streamers will receive $2.25 for each Prime Gaming subscription for viewers in the United States and Canada; They will receive $1.80 per Prime Gaming subscription from viewers based in the United Kingdom.

These rate updates will begin starting June 3, and will be updated each year as needed.

“Every month, over one million streamers earn money streaming on Twitch,” the company said. “While streamers make money from many sources, the income they make directly from Twitch is a significant part of how they fund their lives. Twitch’s long-term success depends upon our ability to help these creators sustain their careers over time.

“At the same time, since our creators depend upon Twitch, we need to ensure that our revenue share structure is designed so that we can sustain the business and Twitch will be here 50 years from now.”

What do you think of the changes to the changes for Twitch streamer payouts? For more Insider Gaming, read about The Day Before developer Fntastic blaming bloggers for the game’s failure.

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