Counter-Strike Global Offensive Source 2 Executables Being Found

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Source 2 (CS:GO Source 2)

The smoke surrounding Counter-Strike Global Offensive Source 2 (CS:GO Source 2) continues to grow. The latest information seems to indicate that CS:GO Source 2 executable files are making their way around the internet.

Twitter user Gabe Follower has posted images showing the executable as well images showing “csgos2” specifically called out in what appears to be a launcher. What’s also interesting is that source 2 “TestedNamePrefix” is labeled “leftfordead3”.

While none of this latest information confirms the existence of a major update coming to CS:GO, it does continue to add fuel to the large rumor fire. Earlier this month, it was spotted in an update for DOTA 2, information about CS:GO Source 2. References to CS:GO Source 2 were also found in a recent Nvidia driver update.

Meanwhile, the popularity of CS:GO continues to be at a record high. Just on March 11, the game broke its record for concurrent players on Steam with over 1.4 million concurrent users. Based on the numbers, it’s clear that players are back and excited about what may be coming.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Valve multiple times regarding the growing rumors surrounding CS:GO Source 2. So far, no attempts for comment have been responded to.

What do you make of all of the rumors surrounding Counter-Strike Global Offensive Source 2?

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