CSGO Source 2 Code Hidden in Dota 2 Update, It’s Claimed

For a few days now, gamers have been wrestling with rumours suggesting that, in the very near future, a CSGO Source 2 product will surface. It was believed to be a sequel for the most part, but it has since been suggested that it’ll be the same old Counter-Strike running on Valve’s newest engine, Source 2.

Recently, fresh information has been uncovered that may further cement the legitimacy of these rumours, being as they are totally unconfirmed by Valve. On Twitter, Valve leaker ‘Gabe Follower 2’ posted a series of images that revealed code hidden away in a Dota 2 update – which was the first game to ever run on Source 2.

This code reveals several key pieces of information about CSGO’s Source 2 transition, and most importantly, it offers further credence to the notion that it’ll launch in some form very soon.

It’s Time To Upgrade

CSGO is more than a decade old, and the Source Engine, which the game was built upon, is approaching its twentieth birthday. It may be one of the most popular games in the world, especially recently with its record-breaking concurrent player figures, but it’s certainly in need of modernisation.

On Twitter, the most recent information to surface is apparently clear-cut evidence of that modernisation effort taking place as we speak:

There were already reports that the CSGO Source 2 project will bring 128-tick servers to the platform, which players have been seeking for quite some time. Not only that but reportedly, an all-new match-making system is set to debut with the launch of ‘CSGO2’.

Here’s what’s uncovered in Gabe Follower’s images, detailing CSGO Source 2 code hidden within thousands upon thousands of lines of data within a Dota 2 update:

  • Reference to the Zoo map, which was rotated out of the competitive platform shortly after it debuted in 2019.
  • References to cases and case keys – but nobody really thought they’d get rid of those with the CSGO Source 2 update.
  • Reference to a ‘StickerKit’ which some users believe will allow players to remove and edit in-game stickers.
  • Similarly, references were uncovered that describe a ‘PaintKit’ and a ‘SprayKit’, which may have similar purposes.
  • Reference to ‘UnusualLoot’, which is hard to define. In Team Fortress 2, ‘Unusual Loot’ refers to the rarest, sometimes bizarre cosmetic items.

There are also expectations that a new Operation will launch alongside CSGO Source 2, even if its first port of call is a beta product. However, that expectation is mostly conjecture based on a recent update made in the SteamDB.

Do you have high expectations for CSGO on Source 2, or do you think it’ll barely change the game?

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