CS:GO Hits 1.4 Million+ Concurrent Players as Source 2 Rumors Continue

csgo source 2

CS:GO has once again smashed its previous record of 1,320,219 concurrent players as rumors of the Source 2 update continue to spread within its community. The new record stands at 1,420,183 concurrent players, with that number expected to climb if the rumors come to fruition.

In early March, references to ‘CSGOS2’ were found in NVIDIA driver updates, suggesting that Valve could be making the change in the near future. Since then, the rumors have come thick and fast, with eSports journalist and analyst Richard Lewis chiming in on the rumors by claiming that the update is on its way.

CS:GO has always been a popular game with a dedicated player base, and its popularity has only continued to grow over the years. In 2020, it saw peaks of around 1,300,000 concurrent players due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people staying at home, but the recent rumors have seemingly caused the interest in the game to spike.

It’s unclear when the update will come, but blog activity updates could suggest it could be in the near future.

As for other games on Steam, there’s no comparison when it comes to CS:GO’s numbers. DOTA 2 is currently placed second, with 750,000 concurrent players at the time of writing, which is almost half of CS:GO’s. Other games like PUBG: Battlegrounds have seen bigger all-time numbers (PUBG’s record stands at 3,257,248 concurrent players), but nothing has seemingly come close to the consistency of CS:GO.

As for when the number will stop increasing remains to be seen, but there’s likely a lot more in the tank for the nearly 11-year-old title.

Will you be giving CS:GO a try when the alleged source 2 update finally comes to the game?

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