Counter-Strike 2 is a New Game With Sliding, Lying Down, etc. Claims Pro

In a recent interview to promote his next MMA fight, Counter-Strike professional ‘Pasha’ has said that Counter-Strike 2 is a “new game”. The interview is in Polish, but luckily Polish video game outlet has transcribed the details, which have then been translated to the best of our abilities (thanks Google).

Due to the language barrier, our initial thought was that the interview was sincere, however, the Counter-Strike community has since pointed out that Pasha is a known “troll” – So his comments are likely, not true. Nonetheless, it makes for an interesting topic on what the update may entail.

When asked about the rumors surrounding the new update, Pasha replied, “It will be a new game, a new engine, and there will be sliding, and shooting while sliding. I think it will be possible to lie down, like in COD, and PUBG. Listen, it’s going to be a very weird Counter-Strike, CS is a skill game, but you know how it is, in one update you’ll be able to lay down and in the next update they’ll remove it because it’s so cringy that no one will play it. It’s nice because it will be an opportunity for a new generation, new players who can make a living from esports.”

Pasha continued “The new Counter-Strike will find its audience, most will play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and some will play Counter-Strike 1.6.”

When asked if Pasha had played the game for himself, he said “I didn’t play the new CS, I didn’t get a beta key, but I think if I had asked for it, I would have got it. I guess it’s worth doing.”

Pasha later said when prised for more information on the subject of inside information, “I don’t have any, only that there will be sliding. Let me tell you this, I can now even write to someone who I know is playing this game already and I can know a lot about this game.”

Rumors of Counter-Strike 2 and whether or not the update will just be an upgrade to source 2 have been rampant these past few weeks. One leak claimed that there will be a Counter-Strike 2, whilst others stated that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will just be getting an update.

Whatever the case may be, there are simply too many rumors to disclaim that some form of a major update is coming in the future.

Do you think Counter-Strike 2 is on its way?

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