Sony Confirms Connie Booth’s Exit From PlayStation

Connie Booth PlayStation Fired

Sony has confirmed that Connie Booth has departed from PlayStation following this week’s rumors.

In a statement to Axios, Sony said, “Booth “helped drive the success PlayStation Studios is experiencing today and her passion in fostering an environment where a team’s creative vision could fully flourish has left a positive impact on many game developers.”

“We’re thankful for Connie’s numerous contributions to the company and wish her the best in future endeavors”, the company said.

While Sony did not specify the reason for Booth’s departure, former PlayStation developer David Jaffe, who broke the news on Booth’s leaving the company said that she was “fired” from her role.

“She didn’t retire; She didn’t quit. She was fired”, Jaffe said on his YouTube channel. Insider Gaming has reached out to its sources to help corroborate the claims.

“Nobody can quite figure out how this was Connie’s fault,” Jaffe said while mentioning that outgoing Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan was “convinced” that GaaS was the future of gaming.

Booth’s departure marks the end of a 34-year-old run at Sony which began in 1989 and in a higher-up capacity in 1995 as an Executive Producer. Since 1998, Booth has had four roles under the Product Development umbrella at Sony which has included Director, Senior Director, Vice President, and SVP, Head of Internal Production.

It’s currently unclear who will be taking the role of Connie Booth’s position.

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