Content Warning: How To Get More Views Guide

Content Warning player getting caught by creatures.
The Content Warning lethal creatures help to get views.

The objective of Content Warning is to gain enough views from your videos to meet the view goal. Every 3 days this goal is increased which means you must come up with interesting ways to up your viewership.

Luckily, there are various things you can do to increase your views quick and meet each quota. Keep in mind that the higher the goal, the more hostile the creatures seem to get. But if you follow these tips, you should have no problem going viral.

Strategies To Gain Views

The Content Warning character is being grabbed by one of the creatures.

There are a few ways you can almost guarantee viewership on your videos. Some of these methods are obvious while others you might not have thought of.

First off, you’ll obviously want to capture something terrifying in your footage. That is the main goal of your video after all.

Zooming into the creatures you find seems to quickly increase the views you get. The selfie mode will also be a different spin on your footage to help you gain views, especially if you’re being chased by a creature.

A second tip is to not only focus on the monsters. Capturing some of the terrifying aspects of your surroundings can get you more views as well. This includes but isn’t limited to lasers, bones, and any other artifacts.

A third tip is to retrieve lost footage. If you happen to die during the first 2 days, retrace your steps of your death and you should find the lost camera. While you won’t be able to film any more footage, you can retrieve the disc and upload it to SpookTube.

A fourth tip is to occasionally leave someone behind. Sacrificing your friends seems to be a gold mine for views. You can also sacrifice your friends to the creatures and capture it on video, this will work as well.

Finally, just act silly. Your viewers want entertainment so utilize items such as the Goo Ball or hit your friends with the Shock Stick. It’s okay to not act completely professional all the time. Crack some jokes and don’t be afraid to wear your fear on your sleeve, your audience will eat that up.

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