All New Ship Upgrades in Helldivers 2 “Democratic Detonation”

Helldivers 2 Super Earth Broadcast
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

It’s always nice to see a selection of new armaments and upgrades available in your favorite game. In Helldivers 2, this means we can more easily stop the Automatons and Terminids. Here are the all-new ship upgrades in the Helldivers 2 “Democratic Detonation” update!

Every New Ship Upgrade in Democratic Detonation

Following the “Democratic Detonation” update, Helldivers 2 features six new ship upgrades and an additional Premium Warbond. Inside the Warbond, you’ll find new armor, emotes, capes, plenty of Super Credits, and highly coveted weaponry.

Helldivers 2 New Ship Upgrades
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

But for now, let’s focus on the ship upgrades. They include:

  • Superior Packing Methodology — Picking up a resupply box fills support weapons with the maximum amount of carriable ammunition.
  • Atmospheric Monitoring — Your Orbital HE barrage spread is reduced by a total of 15%.
  • XXL Weapons Bay — All Eagle Stratagems drop an additional bomb.
  • Enhanced Combustion — Any fire damage caused by Stratagems is increased by 25%.
  • Circuit Expansion — All lightning arcs fired from weapons or turrets jump to an additional enemy.
  • Blast Absorption — Sentries endure 50% less damage from explosions.

Which Ship Upgrade to Unlock First

With six brand-new ship upgrades to choose from, all requiring quite a few resources to unlock, you’ll likely have to pick and choose to start. We recommend taking one of these three first:

  • Super Packing Methodology
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • XXL Weapons Bay

The ability to restock more ammunition after a long engagement cannot be understated; it’s so useful, especially against the endless stream of Terminids. As for Atmospheric Monitoring, who doesn’t want to endure far fewer instances of teamkilling? Lastly, XXL Weapons Bay offers a lot more bang for your buck, bringing justice to the frontier planets!

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