How to Survive a Fire Tornado in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Fire Tornado
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

I seriously hate fire tornadoes in Helldivers 2! I can’t even count the number of times my wife and I died because a fire tornado landed directly on a terminal that we were interacting with. It’s tough; sometimes, these natural disasters deal enough damage to kill you in a single hit. Here’s how to handle a fire tornado in Helldivers 2!

How to Deal With a Fire Tornado in Helldivers 2

Watch your surroundings when you receive the ‘Fire Tornado Warning’ on your HUD. Sometimes, a fire tornado will spawn far away but then make its way to you. Other times, however, a group of fire tornadoes spawns beside your objective. They always move toward you.

The best way to deal with a fire tornado is to run away. You can’t fight a tornado, not even with an Eagle 500kg Bomb, so don’t attempt to shoot one. There’s no health bar. We tried.

Just keep on the move, watch your surroundings, and don’t get caught in a corner. If a fire tornado strikes you, or you stumble into the flames it leaves behind, it’s usually an insta-kill.

Where Do Fire Tornadoes Spawn?

Helldivers 2 Fire Planet
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

You can find fire tornadoes in Helldivers 2 throughout the galaxy map. They’ll spawn on uniquely hot planets, with the tornado warning icon in the bottom corner of the planet stat screen indicating the weather is liable to change at any moment.

Fire tornadoes will spawn on both the Terminid and Automaton sides of the map, so no matter which enemy you prefer to fight, you’ll always have one more tornado to dodge!

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