What is the Catalog Expansion in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 Terminals
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

If you’re actively taking the fight to the Automatons or Terminids, then you notice every minor change in frontline activities. Helldivers 2 isn’t an overly subtle game. Even an error, like the recent catalog expansion in Helldivers 2, includes a backstory from the developer. But what is the catalog expansion upgrade? It’s dubbed a rogue item, that’s for sure!

What is Catalog Expansion in Helldivers 2?

Recently, a rogue item discovered in the Ship Management terminals took the community by storm. It appears following an update to the game, and it’s definitely a mystery.

The Ministry of Truth has confirmation that a rogue item called the “catalog expansion” is temporarily visible in the Ship Management menu and, in acocrdance with regulations, we instruct all Helldivers to avoid this rogue item until further notice. The Ministry of Truth cannot confirm the reliability or safety of this item, nor can they confirm its origin.

The Ministry of Truth, Helldivers 2

The reality is the catalog expansion is nothing more than a bug. It’s an upcoming item or series of items, like Stratagems, that will enhance your arsenal. With the game’s most recent update, the catalog expansion went live before it was ready.

When Will Helldivers 2 Introduce New Stratagems?

We’re all begging for a handful of new Stratagems to take the fight to the Automatons, right? We recently received the Quasar Cannon and HMG, both of which offer a ton of stopping power, but a more devastating aerial attack sounds enticing!

As of right now, there’s no word on when we’ll receive new Stratagems in Helldivers 2. It’ll happen, obviously; it’s just a waiting game!

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