Content Warning: All Creatures & How To Escape Them Guide

Some of the available monsters in Content Warning.
Monsters crowding the hallway in Content Warning.

In Content Warning, you will come face to face with unimaginable creatures who have one intention, to kill you. Unfortunately, you have very little to defend yourself with when you are inevitably attacked.

Facing these creatures will take a bit of wit and skill. Each one will have specific techniques you can utilize to escape them. The following guide will have a list of all known monsters and what you can do to survive them.

Content Warning Creatures

The Big Slap creature is baring its teeth at the Content Warning character.

There have been 17 reported monsters in this game, with a few character models that have yet to be released. Keep in mind that some of these creatures can be one hit kills, so tread cautiously. You can utilize the Goo Ball or Shock Stick on these creatures to buy you time to run away from them.

Barnacle Ball Creature

The Barnacle Ball monster from Content Warning is about to suck the player towards it using wind force.

The Barnacle Ball creates a current of wind that will suck you towards it before throwing you in a random direction. If you see this monster, try to obstruct the path between you and it by utilizing your surroundings. Stand either behind a wall or other structure so you don’t get sucked in by the wind.

Big Slap

Big Slap is a dangerous creature about to attack the Content Warning character.

Big Slap is one of the more aggressive monsters in the game. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to avoid it besides running away. If you’re hit, most if not all of your health will deplete.


The Bombs creature is about to throw a bomb at the Content Warning character.

This sneaky monster will creep up on you and throw bombs. There is a way you can use its ammunition against itself by waiting until it throws a bomb, then running away trying to get it to chase you. Sometimes it will get too close to the explosive and blow up.

Dog Creature

The Dog creature is about to shoot projectiles at the Content Warning character.

The Dog creature is easy to spot with the red sight. However, once you’re in its sights, it’s difficult to maneuver the projectiles it shoots at you. If you see this creature, simply turn around and quickly run away. Try to run around the corners so it doesn’t have a direct path to shoot at you.

The Ear

The Ear monster is covered in ears and has sensitive hearing. It is attacking the Content Warning character in the image.

The Ear is a monster covered in ears that has sensitive hearing. To escape it, try talking loudly in your mic as it will get annoyed and run away.

Eye Guy

The Eye Guy is about to attack the Content Warning character because they shined a light on them.

The Eye Guy has a light sensitivity so don’t shine your flashlight at it as this will get it to notice you. If you come face to face with this creature, simply turn and run away. A full stamina bar should allow you to escape easily. It will typically stalk you from behind.


The Flicker creature is about to kill the Content Warning character.

Flicker is normally invisible but will give you signs that it is in your vicinity. You will notice your camera starting to glitch when it is getting closer. If your screen starts to flash red, then it is very close. It’s best to stare at a wall and try to run away. Looking at it is said to be an instant death.


The Jello creature has not noticed the Content Warning character yet.

Jello is a slug like creature that can drag you around the building. The first time it grabs you, it will roam the halls until it releases you near other enemies. If it grabs you a second time, it will try to throw you at something to kill you. To escape, run away as soon as you see this monster.

Knifo (Harpoon)

The Knifo enemy is chasing the Content Warning character.

Knifo, also known as Harpoon, is a devilish little ghost child that giggles when it’s near. It will chase you with a knife, hacking at you until you’re dead. You must outrun it to escape.

If you run for roughly 30 seconds, this should be enough to have it lose interest in you. Occasionally it will leap at you, but if it misses it takes a few seconds to recover. Utilize these few seconds to get away.

Larva Creature

The Larva character is being warded off by the Goo Ball.

Larva is a centipede like monster that will move quickly, grab you, and throw you at other players. Stay aware of your surroundings and if you see Larva, run away. If it grabs you, try to tell your friends to escape before they’re taken as well. A large amount of health will be taken if hurt from the Larva.


Mouthe is following the Content Warning character through the halls of the door maze.

Mouthe seems to only attack people who are alone. Have at least one other player with you and if you are alone when it crosses your path, quickly find a friend. It has been reported that when it screams, it can mute your friends.


Snatcho is about to grab the Content Warning character's items.

If you get too close to Snatcho, it will go invisible. This creature will steal items you are holding, including the camera. It will also grab you and drag you around causing damage. It is difficult to escape but shining a light on it should help.


Slurper is trying to grab prey in Content Warning.

This starfish like monster hangs from the ceiling with a near invisible sensor hanging down from it. If you touch this sensor, it will pull you upside down and slowly hurt you until you die.

To escape, try dropping items to startle it or have a friend throw something at it. If you get dropped, quickly run away before you get grabbed again.

Spider Creature

The Spider is following the Content Warning character.

This Spider monster is easy to run away from. However, it will spit webs at you and if caught in the webs, it is very difficult to get out. This will make you an easy target not just for the Spider, but any other wandering enemies nearby.

Toolkit Whisk

The Toolkit Whisk is about to charge at the Content Warning character.

The Toolkit Whisk can send you flying by hitting you. The good thing about this enemy however is that it can only run in a linear line.

This means it’s easy to escape if you run in different directions. You can also try to bait it by standing still, allowing it to run towards you then running away before it recovers from falling.


The Weeping cage has a Content Warning player trapped inside.

When Weeping is close by you’ll hear the sound of a cage thumping near you. Watch it as you back away to escape. If you take your eyes off of it, it will quickly try to put you in the cage.

The only way to escape is for a friend to correctly enter the Captcha code. The cage will kill you if they fail the code 3 times.

Zombie Creature

The Zombie enemy in Content Warning is following the player.

This slow but steady creature is relentless when coming after you. However, it is one of the slowest monsters in the game so it will be easy to evade.

If you get too close, it will grab you and cause damage a few times before letting you go. If you use the Shock Stick on this enemy, it will cause it to convulse to the ground, making an escape even easier.

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