Who is Xelia Mendes-Jones in Fallout? – Answered

Fallout TV Series Brotherhood of Steel
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The Fallout TV series proves that live-action video game adaptations don’t have to suck. They can remain faithful to the source material while still taking some liberties and creating an exceptional viewing experience for long-time fans and new ones alike. A big part of the success of the show is the extraordinary casting. But who is Xelia Mendes-Jones in Fallout?

Who is Xelia Mendes-Jones?

Xelia Mendes-Jones (He/They) is an actor known for numerous roles, including The Wheel of Time and Fallout.

In Fallout, they play Dane, a Brotherhood of Steel Squire, formerly an Aspirant, who is chosen to serve Knight Titus. Dane only features in a few of the show’s episodes as a minor character to help flesh out Maximus’ character arc but still takes the viewers for a loop. Their deadpan delivery and nonchalant manner prove interesting.

Furthermore, Dane is only the second non-binary character in Fallout’s history, the first being Burke from Fallout 76.

Who Plays in the Fallout TV Series?

As previously mentioned, a big part of the success of the Fallout TV series, alongside remaining relatively faithful to the game franchise, is due in no small part to the exceptional cast.

  • Ella Purnell (Lucy MacLean)
  • Walton Goggins (Cooper/The Ghoul)
  • Aaron Moten (Maximus)
  • Moises Arias (Norm MacLean)
  • Sarita Choudhury (Lee Moldaver)
  • Johnny Pemberton (Thaddeus)
  • Matt Berry (Mr. Handy)

And the list goes on, with countless side characters and background actors with speaking parts and on-screen action sequences!

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