When is Fallout Season 2?

Fallout TV Series
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Following the immense success of the Fallout TV series premiere, new and old fans have questions about the future of the live-action adaptation. Namely, when is Fallout Season 2? Will we see a second season of the video game TV series? It’s highly likely at this point, but let’s delve into the details!

Will We See a Fallout Season 2?

While we’ve yet to hear any official word from Amazon Studios regarding Fallout Season 2, it’s more than likely happening. Passing up the success of the first season would be a massive blunder, and the world of Fallout is ripe with lore, unique settings and characters, and stories of the post-apocalypse. If done properly, it’s the perfect setting for a long-running series.

But like other hit television series based on previous IPs from different mediums, namely The Walking Dead, Fallout must know when to stop. There’s no use in beating it bloody into the ground.

Furthermore, in recent interviews, Walton Goggins, who plays The Ghoul, hinted at a season 2 and potentially far more. Then, there’s the fact that the California Film Commission offered a considerable tax credit to the show if they film in California. As long-time fans know, California is a massive part of the original Fallout titles, and it’s likely we’ll see more of the NCR, perhaps Caesar’s Legion, and maybe even one of the many tribes.

When Will Fallout Season 2 Premiere?

If and when Amazon does announce Season 2 of Fallout, we likely won’t see a release date until 2025-2026 at the earliest. My money’s on the former, as it’s common with successful television series to pump out a new season annually.

The Fallout TV series initially planned to launch on Amazon Prime Video on April 12, but the studio moved up the date to April 10. They live-streamed the first episode as part of a premiere, and within 30 minutes of the stream going live, they released all eight episodes to watch on the streaming service.

Each episode lasts approximately one hour, so if you’re feeling brave, you can binge-watch the whole show in one sitting!

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