There’s a ‘TikTok NPC’ Bundle Coming to Call of Duty

npc bundle

We’re almost sorry to report on this, but the recent insufferable trend that has surfaced on TikTok that sees people pretend to be NPCs and repeat the same lines over and over again in exchange for digital gifts is coming to Call of Duty in the form of an ‘NPC’ bundle featuring an irritating Battle Buddy.

It has been revealed by Call of Duty dataminers that there’s an upcoming bundle that is built around a ‘TikTok NPC’ theme. This new pack, dubbed ‘Battle Buddy: NPC Pack’ was leaked on Twitter by Task Force Leakers Network, and it came complete with a short clip that already has us gritting our teeth.

Are You A Fan of TikTok NPCs?

They’re securing the bag, that much is for certain, but at what cost? In recent weeks, we’ve seen some absolutely bizarre activity hit the social media airwaves, and what we hoped would be an overnight fad has turned into something much more invasive.

From people streaming as NPCs in public to sitting there repeating lines for hours at a time, it’s a wave that’s continually washing over our increasingly digital world, and now, Activision is looking to capitalise on the trend.

Here’s a look at the Battle Buddy: NPC Pack that was leaked on Twitter:

I honestly can’t imagine myself running around while my weapon’s Battle Buddy shouts ‘Ouchie!’ every time I get shot, or ‘Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!’ when I pick up items in Warzone. But I’m sure there are plenty of people who will invest in the bundle – and that’s their prerogative.

Are you going to pick up the TikTok NPC bundle when it drops? It’s expected it’ll be released on September 12th.

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